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The Worst iPhone App Ever?
It depends on how you look at it. Even when everything looks negative, there are some at the very bottom. The so-called "Dianetics Jr. App: The Official Scientology iPhone App" is anything but "official." It is an outright mockery. It not only steps on legitimate copyright holders but mocks a proven pseudoscience.

Dianetics Jr.
Through efforts of people just like you, we lobbied Apple to effectively stop this app from deceiving unsuspecting consumers. The recordings it claimed to have were neither legitimate, nor was it endorsed by any religious organization holding the rights to Dianetics.

Dianetics Jr App
The icon above (which clearly disrespects the literary genius whom many credit as having unravelled the mysteries of the human mind) links to a website that valorizes this and many other offensive, deceptive and anti-copyright apps. Be a part of the solution by not supporting that site.

The "Bottom Ten Banned Apps" List
We think you'll agree that there is no such thing as a so-called "top" ten list of banned apps. Do these non-contributing jokers think they're contributing anything positive to the world? The answer is no.Boycott Nearly Banned

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